Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Odds and Ends before the FOB

I'm a little crazy right now trying to get dogs ready for their respective babysitters and get myself ready to fly to California. But since we've been occupied with Detectives Around the World, I wanted to take a minute and pass along some little tidbits of information.

The first is a reminder to vote for the Spinetingler Awards if you haven't done so already. Those can be found here.

Next is a new blog I think you should check out. Hilary Davidson is not a new name around here. She's written some fantastic short fiction and has her first novel coming out later this year. She's started a blog and you can find that here. She'll keep you updated on where you can find her short fiction and other fun things of interest. Mark my words, she's going to be huge, huge, huge!

Andrew Gross's book, RECKLESS, that I was raving about last week. It comes out next week, but if you pre-order it this week, you can still get a signed book cover when you email your receipt to Andrew at info[at]andrewgrossbooks[dot]com. This is a great opportunity if you can't make a tour stop, because as much as I love you all, I simply don't have enough suitcase room to buy you all copies and bring them home with me when I see him in L.A. I do promise to come back and share my pictures, though!

I'm trying to find a proxy for me. Chris Grabenstein's launch party for my book - oh all riiiiiiight, it's actually Chris's book, but it's my fictional debut! *smile*  Anyway, the launch party for ROLLING THUNDER is May 13th at The Mysterious Bookstore in New York. My friend and blog reader Patrick said he may be able to go, but he's a little apprehensive about doing a guest post about it. I'm looking for someone who might go and put together a guest post for the blog. If you think you might be interested in being my proxy there, drop me an email. I'd just really love to have someone cover the party for the blog.

I think that's about it for me today. I am planning at this point to send updates from L.A. We'll see how that goes. But regardless, you'll get a rundown when I return. I will also report on DATW contest winners when I return. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I'm planning to have the time of my life!

Happy Reading!


Naomi Johnson April 20, 2010 at 1:19 PM  

Have loads of fun, you crazy kid. Watch out for those lp13 and PCN characters. Make sure you have enough bail money for the whole class.

Hilary Davidson April 20, 2010 at 10:42 PM  

Jen, you are a sweetheart. Thanks for telling everyone about my new blog. (I'm blushing because really, does the world need another blog by a writer? I hope I'll be able to contribute something worthwhile.) I also wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for your tremendous support of my work. I'm so grateful for it, and honored by it.

Amused April 21, 2010 at 11:46 PM  

Have fun getting ready and I am really looking forward to meeting you in LA at the festival!

Kaye Barley April 22, 2010 at 11:14 AM  

Have a ball!!

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