Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Mystery Backlist - JUST ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE

O.k., I'm back on track with the Monday Mystery Backlist title now that Bouchercon is over. *sniff* And actually, Bouchercon is responsible for this weeks' title. Busted Flush Press, the publisher responsible for bringing the Moe Prager books back into print, has also brought A.E. Maxwell's Fiddler and Fiora series back into print. And book one, JUST ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE, landed squarely in my hands at Bouchercon, thanks to David Thompson, Grand Poobah of Busted Flush Press.

First of all, A.E. Maxwell is the husband and wife writing team of Ann and Evan Maxwell. (Just in case you were like me and didn't know that.) I had this book tucked in my bag while I was waiting for something to start, so I pulled it out and made a huge mistake; I started reading it! I was laughing before I reached the end of page one. Of course, I didn't have time to finish it right then, and I'm trying very hard to stay on my meticulously planned reading schedule, but I'm not kidding, this book is taunting me every night. "Please read me! Please read me!" So, I'm quite sure it won't be long before you see the review for this book here on the blog. But enough about my mental disorders, let's find out a little about JUST ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE.

JUST ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE introduces P.I. Fiddler and his sexy ex-wife Fiora. Set in Southern California in the 80s, Fiora's twin brother, Danny, finds himself in hot water with the U.S. Customs Department concerning his Silicon Valley export business, which may be more than it seems on the outside. Fiddler and Fiora are called on to come to Danny's rescue.

Paul Levine says, "Fiddler is to California what Spenser is to Boston and Travis McGee is to Florida. Tough, smart guys who know that sometimes, what looks like paradise, is pure hell."

Do you see why this book is taunting me? It is available now in trade paper from Busted Flush Press (ISBN: 978-0-9792709-6-3). And because we're only a couple months away from Christmas, you're going to hear me say this a lot. This would make a great Christmas gift for the P.I. novel fan on your list. If they aren't familiar with this series, JUST ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE is the first of the franchise; it's a great place to start.


Corey Wilde October 26, 2009 at 10:16 AM  

I read most of the Fiddler & Fiora books years ago, but Paradise is one that I never could find a copy of -- good to know I can remedy that soon.

Pop Culture Nerd October 26, 2009 at 3:35 PM  

Oh, I like funny P.I. stories! Will check this out. Thanks, Jen.

le0pard13 October 26, 2009 at 10:24 PM  

Never heard of this series - shows what I know. Thanks, Jen.

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