Saturday, October 24, 2009

Disappointment this Saturday

O.k., I was pretty bummed that the Virtual Mystery Conference didn't work out so well for me. I was destined not to be able to enjoy it, I guess. When I opened the Poisoned Pen site this morning it crashed my Windows three times. I wasn't having trouble with anything else, but for some reason, my computer just didn't like the site. I should have taken it as a sign. But, I called my folks and asked them to try opening it. It opened fine for them, so I begrudgingly got dressed and took Hershey with me over to my parents' house. I logged on, all is good. I watched an awesome presentation by Peter May, who incidentally has a fascinating book coming out in January called VIRTUALLY DEAD, it takes place in Second Life. So, "Yay!" I'm having success. I watched a pre-recorded video from Libby Fischer Hellmann on where she gets her ideas and a short video about Cape Town from Roger Smith, whose book MIXED BLOOD takes place there. Then I tried to listen to a live audio on Talk Radio and THAT crashed my parents' Windows, repeatedly. I'm not sure if other folks had trouble; I know many people were enjoying all the offerings, so it wasn't a technical glitch on Poisoned Penned's end, but I have no idea what was causing my problems. I waited until the live video panel from the Poisoned Pen store came on, and I enjoyed that. But, I really needed to come home. I tried logging onto the site once more but with no more luck than I had when I tried first thing in the morning. I may go back over to my parents' tomorrow and see if I can access some of the archived items, but all in all, it didn't work out as well as Bouchercon did!

So, instead, I'm posting my 500th POST! Can you believe that? 500 posts? I didn't know I had it in me.

I'm trying to catch up on some reviews because I'm extremely far behind. So, hopefully there will be plenty of those coming up this week, as well as a new Monday Mystery Backlist and another round of 6-word memoirs.

I also wanted to remind everyone about my Spine-Chilling Book Giveaway. You have through Friday to get your entries in for that. Again, thanks to Hatchette Books for generously offering this giveaway.

Happy Reading!


Kay October 24, 2009 at 9:56 PM  

Jen, I'm sorry that you didn't have much luck with the conference. I did OK with it, but I'm exhausted! I've never been to an actual conference and found myself trying to make it to all the live events. Not possible. A lot of the radio presentation were an hour in length and the next thing was scheduled on the half hour. I'll try going back and listening to some of them later. I never could get in to the coffee shop or sign the guest book. I suspect my firewall was keeping me from it. I hope that you are able to see and hear some of the archived items. By 4:00, I felt a little overwhelmed and overstimulated. I stopped listening and took a walk outside.

By the way, I enjoyed your Bouchercon posts. They were very comprehensive and I felt as though I had been there.

janice October 26, 2009 at 3:06 AM  

That's such a shame! There seems to be no explanation for computers not liking certain sites or media players, it's a real pity that you had problems; but I hope that you go back to try the site now that the password protection has been removed (it might make a difference). There's so much to explore in the archive. All text panels and articles, which shouldn't crash anything, will take a while to work your way through! And the "On Demand" videos play through YouTube's pretty accessible player. And hopefully you'll be able to download your Goody Bag items!

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