Tuesday, August 25, 2009

BABYDOLL - Allyson Roy

Saylor Oz is extremely content in her job as a sex therapist. But when her best friend/roommate's brother, Angel, is wrongly convicted of murdering three fashion models and it appears as though no one is going to look further into the case, Saylor decides to don not only an investigator's hat but also a fashion model's.

Saylor is familiar with "adult" videos through her day job, and she recalls one such video, Bad, Bad Babydoll, where the plot is eerily similar to Angel's case. Saylor takes her theory that someone is re-enacting this movie to the private investigator from Angel's original defense investigation. When he dismisses Saylor, Saylor and her roommate, Benita, begin plotting to investigate the lead on their own. But to do that, four-foot eleven Saylor finds herself on the model catwalk and other foreign environments.

BABYDOLL is the follow-up to the first Saylor Oz mystery, APHRODISIAC. Susan Elizabeth Phillips compares Saylor Oz to Stephanie Plum. I don't think I could make a better comparison than that one. Fans of Janet Evanovich's series will undoubtedly enjoy this series as well. Like Stephanie, Saylor bumbles her way through lead after lead that law enforcement has either overlooked or ignored. Along the way her roommate Benita, a former boxer; Eldridge, an on-again/off-again lover; Johnny Lavender, the PI from Angel's case; and Sydney Chen, a fashion clothing designer, help keep Saylor from the fatal danger she manages to wiggle her way into.

With Saylor being a sex therapist there is also a great deal of focus on...yes, sex. And the element of sex is most often approached with humor. There are quite a few elements of the romance genre intermingled into this book, so fans of romance may also be interested in this novel.

BABYDOLL requires the reader to accept a number of convenient situations to further the plot. So, readers looking for humor and entertainment will be in for a treat. Those looking for crime fiction a little closer to realism may not find BABYDOLL as intriguing.

The husband and wife writing team of Allyson Roy are presently on their virtual blog tour through TLC Blog Tours. You can learn more about Allyson Roy and their Saylor Oz series at their website. Find additional reviews at their other tour stops listed here at TLC Blog Tours. You can also stop back on Friday when they will be guest blogging here at Jen's Book Thoughts!

BABYDOLL (ISBN: 978-0-425-22550-9) is available now through Berkley Books.


trish August 25, 2009 at 2:23 PM  

Thank you for participating in the tour, Jen! Bumbling characters are so endearing, and Saylor sounds like a character who would be well liked by readers. :)

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