Thursday, June 25, 2009


In James LePore's debut novel, A WORLD I NEVER MADE, Pat Nolan is called to Paris to identify the body of his daughter Megan who was believed to have committed suicide. His relationship with Megan has always been a rocky one and at best they see each other once a year. But when Nolan arrives, he discovers that the body is not Megan's and she has left him a cryptic clue indicating she is in trouble and needs his help.

As Nolan investigates further into the mystery of his daughter's disappearance he finds a complex network of international terrorism. With the help of French Detective Catherine Laurence, can Nolan find Megan before the terrorists who want her dead do?

LaPore parallels Pat Nolan's odyssey with Megan Nolan's experiences leading up to her faked suicide. Interweaving the two stories, the reader is able to start locking the events together like pieces of a puzzle. And like a puzzle, the story isn't complete until the last piece is entered.

In a day and age when our greatest fears revolve around terrorism, the antagonists create a great level of suspense that keeps the action moving swiftly.

The characters in this novel are all carrying "baggage" that they must work their ways through. This, of course, helps to define who they are as well as show growth throughout the plot. While most parents don't have quite the relationship with their children that Pat has with Megan, they can probably identify a distance and wonder what they don't know about their own children's lives. And in the end, it is the relationships throughout the novel that are its greatest strength. Relationships are never perfect, but that lack of perfection doesn't prevent a person from being willing to go to the ends of the earth for another - sometimes we all have to be reminded of that.

Jim LePore is presently wrapping up his blog tour with TLC Book Tours for A WORLD I NEVER MADE. This is his second to last stop. You can find more information about Jim and his tour at TLC Book Tours or Jim's website.


LisaMM June 25, 2009 at 12:09 PM  

Good review! I like a book that keeps me interested right until the very end.

Thanks so much for all the time and effort that went into reading/reviewing A World I Never Made!

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