Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Odd Tidbits

Holy Moly! Is it the end of March already? Where have the first three months of this year gone? I'm starting to grow antsy because my Southern California trip for fun is coming up soon - I leave in less than three weeks. I've been chatting with my friend Michael out in SoCal who's been incredibly awesome to me, giving me all the lowdown on the LA Times Festival of Books. The authors and panels have been posted on their website and I've already picked out the three I want to attend. They're all on Saturday. First I'm going to see CRAIG JOHNSON! Woo hoo! Yes, it is so! Then in the afternoon, Michael Koryta. Kinda funny going to the other side of the country to see an author who lives a few hours from me! And after Michael's panel then...oh yeah! The man himself! I will FINALLY get to see RC! Takin' extra batteries for the camera.

Anyway! I still have to wait more than two weeks to leave, and the FOB isn't until the end of my stay in SoCal, so I have to try to keep the excitement contained a bit. So, I'm focusing on what's exciting here on the blog. April will finally bring about a new batch of interviews. We'll be giving the ladies some love in April. I have three exciting interviews lined up with the first to be this Friday. I'll also be hosting another guest blogger in April. But, the fun isn't going to stop in April. There are a few fun things lined up for May already and hopefully we'll find a few more before May finds it way here.

Today I came home to find a copy of THE PROSECUTION RESTS from the fine folks at Hachette. This is a collection of short stories, edited by Linda Fairstein, and as the title indicates, they are courtroom-related stories. This is the third collection like this. Last year Michael Connelly edited THE BLUE RELIGION, which is a fantastic collection of police procedural short stories. I loved that collection, so I'm definitely looking forward to THE PROSECUTION RESTS.

Today was the release date for Harlan Coben's long awaited new Myron Bolitar novel, Long Lost. Harlan was interviewed by Al Roker on the Today show this morning. You can see the interview here. Coben's a funny guy! I love to read his tweets on Twitter. I get a chuckle out of every one.

Alrighty kids. I want to get some extra reading time in with Libby Hellmann's EASY INNOCENCE because by golly, I'm lovin' this book. Can't wait to tell you all about it. Until then...I'm still looking for more comments on what you like in a book review, be sure to share your two cents in my previous post. And happy reading!!


Joy April 1, 2009 at 8:38 AM  

I have Easy Innocence on my TBR Shelf and truly am getting anxious about not reading it yet! However, I have many, many books in the same boat. :( Maybe your review will spur me on. :)

beauvallet April 2, 2009 at 5:50 PM  

The Festival sounds terrific. And it's given me a new chant for meditation: I will not be jealous of Jen, I will not be jealous of Jen, I will not be jealous of Jen, iwillnotbejealousofjen...

Please impress upon Crais -- I've done this myself but maybe he'll listen to you -- that he must make an appearance at an OHIO bookstore in support of his next book. Don't accept any excuses.

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