Saturday, March 28, 2009

Introducing Guest Blogger Kristin Callendar!

As I mentioned around New Year's resolution time, I'd like to give face time on the blog to new authors, and maybe some that aren't necessarily new but haven't gotten the attention they deserve. Today, I have the pleasure of sharing my blog with a brand new author. So, if you would, please give a nice welcome to Kristin Callendar, author of The Truth Lies in the Dark:

Hi fans of Jen's Book Thoughts and fellow readers. I am Kristin Callender, author of new mystery, The Truth Lies in the Dark. Thank you for stopping by to learn a little about me and my book. And of course, thank you Jen for having me as a guest.

The Truth Lies in the Dark is a mystery about a woman who finds out that she is not who she thinks. There are dark secrets locked in her past and her only clues to them lie in her reoccurring nightmares of an unknown girl; or are they her only clues? As Amanda gets closer to finding her true identity she also finds that her grandparents, and even her loving husband, may know more than they admit. Who is there to help her and who is there to make sure the truth the dark?

In addition to being a new author, I am also a mom of four and a substitute teacher. I have always wanted to write a book, but my busy life and self doubt kept me thinking that it could not be done. I am so glad that I finally made myself do it anyway. It is something I really enjoy and it amazes me how many stories are floating around in my head. When I stopped saying I didn't have time and I can't do it all of those stories came to life. I still have a hard time finding time to get them down on paper, but at least I know I can.

I have finished a contemporary romance, which is under consideration at a New York publisher. Hopefully I will have more news about that soon. I am also working on another mystery. Right now the writing is going slow, because I have been very involved in the marketing and promoting of The Truth Lies in the Dark.

In honor of Jen's blog I have created my own 1 Word Resolution to describe The Truth Lies in the Dark, at least from the main character Amanda's point of view. Not to mislead any horror lovers out there. Amanda's horrors are more emotional than graphic.


Thanks again for your interest in me and my work. If you would like to learn more or see where my Book Blog Tour has been you can go to my website:

Happy Reading and Writing,
Kristin Callender

The Truth Lies in the Dark by Kristin Callender is available on and is the 'Featured Book of the Month' on


misterreereeder March 28, 2009 at 1:38 PM  

Good Post. I liked your one work resolution!!!

jeangenie March 29, 2009 at 4:47 AM  

Thanks for sharing your experiences.
Aren't writers generous?

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