Thursday, January 1, 2009

Thunder Bay- William Kent Krueger

When Cork O'Connon is called to the bedside of his elderly friend Henry Meloux, it seems as though he may be dying. Henry wants Cork to find his son, a son he's never even seen. Henry, an Ojibwe medicine man, sense that he has a son and that his son needs him.

Henry gives Cork a woman's name, and soon Cork O'Connor finds himself headed to Canada to find a famous recluse by the name of Henry Wellington. People who are reclusive, don't want to be found, and neither did Henry Wellington. By the time Cork and Henry Meloux finish the journey of locating Wellington, Henry Meloux's story emerges.

I listened to Thunder Bay on audio book. It is the seventh book in the Cork O'Connor series. Normally I don't start at this point in a series, but I couldn't obtain any of the earlier books on audio from my library. The audio was read by Buck Schirner, and I enjoyed listening to it.

What I found with this book was that there wasn't anything in either extreme for me. There wasn't anything that stood out as magnificent and nothing that stood out as bad. It was simply an enjoyable book. I didn't make any great connections with any of the characters, but they were decent characters. I'm not sure if this is a case where I would have had more connection had I started reading earlier in the series.
I think the subplot with Cork's daughter probably could have been eliminated altogether. It seemed to be more of a distraction from the main plot than adding to it. The main plot tended to be a bit on the predictable side and this is definitely a slower plot. The action is not edge-of-your-seat-type action. I mean, we're dealing with a 90ish year old medicine man and his 70ish year old son here. Not a lot of speed at those ages.

I'll definitely follow up with this series, but it won't be one I have to read immediately.


Corey Wilde January 1, 2009 at 5:29 PM  

This is a series that has frequently been recommended to me. I hope to start it sometime this year.

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