Saturday, October 18, 2008

Jonathan Hayes

O.k., today Alafair had a post on her blog concerning a comment Jonathan Hayes had about her driving. I found the coincidence a little eerie because I had just picked up Jonathan's book Precious Blood on CD from the library yesterday and was planning to start it today while working on some Christmas gifts. Anyway, I just took a quick break from the book - after Disc One I'm COMPLETELY hooked - and I decided to check out Dr. Hayes online. I found his blog, and I'm still wiping the tears from crying - due to laughing so hard - about his comments from Bouchercon. I was disappointed because it looked like there was supposed to be more on the blog page, but evidently I'm having some trouble with my computer viewing the rest. So, after reading Jonathan Hayes' take on Bouchercon, and viewing Alafair's posts from Bouchercon, and all the rest of the stuff I heard about it this year, I've decided it is my mission to be able to go in 2009. I'm going to get myself a jar to collect all the "lucky pennies" I find this year so I can go to Indianapolis next October gosh darn it!

Anyway, I also signed up for Jonathan Hayes' newsletter. I know he has another book coming out soon and based on Disc One of Precious Blood, I'll be wanting to get my hands on the next book as well. Definitely stay tuned for my review when I finish the whole thing.

In the meantime, I have to get cleaned up for babysitting duty tonight. Let the CandyLand marathon begin!

Happy Reading!


JD Rhoades October 18, 2008 at 7:27 PM  

Jon's even funnier in person. And when you come to Bouchercon next year, you'll find that out.

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