Friday, September 5, 2008

Thanks! Thanks! And More Thanks!

Yes! It's Friday. And I'm thankful for quite a lot this Friday. First I have to say "thanks" to Lesa over at Lesa's Book Critiques. This week I won her book giveaway and will be receiving a copy of Hell for the Holidays (Chris Grabenstein). I've heard a lot of wonderful stuff about Chris's work, so I'm very excited to check out this book. Also have to thank Michael Lister. He sent me a copy of his first novel, Power in the Blood. I received it a short while ago, but I just started it last night. I was intrigued by it because the main character is a chaplain in a correctional facility. Hmmm, unique, huh? Well, I was only able to start the first chapter last night but it has a heck of a hook! Looking forward to picking it back up this evening.

Next, I have to say "thanks" to Alafair Burke. I told you that she was on the B&N Center Stage this week with her dad, James Lee Burke. Well, the moderator asked Alafair what blogs she likes to read and she mentioned me. ME! How cool is that? I THINK you can use this link to see it. I liked the whole week. You should definitely check out all the questions and answers.

And finally, the big, big, big thank you goes out to all of YOU who nominated me. I'm so honored. Today I was looking at my blog wondering why so many people had linked over from myfriendamysblog, so I went over and low and behold, I'm one of the five nominees for best Thriller/Mystery/Suspense blog for Book Blogger Appreciation Week! You guys are so awesome. I just can't tell you how that made my day! It's so nice to feel loved. Thank you so much! Be sure you check back regularly during Book Blogger Appreciation Week (September 15th to the 19th). I'm planning as much fun as I can fit in that week. And I'm celebrating YOU - you make this so much fun! Thanks again to everyone who nominated me!

If you're interested in voting for all the final book blogger awards, you can do that at myfriendamysblog until September 12th.

Happy Reading everyone!


Kay September 5, 2008 at 11:13 PM  

Hope your enjoy Chris Grabenstein's book. Do try out his John Ceepak/Danny Boyle series that starts with TILT A WHIRL. Great series!

Jen September 6, 2008 at 12:43 PM  

Hi Kay! I actually just ordered a copy of Tilt-A-Whirl. I'm excited to check it out since I've heard such good things!

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