Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday's This and That

Welp, August is into the home stretch so I'm not going to make the Summer Reading Challenge. It was supposed to focus on "intentional" reading. My list had to be predetermined, and I chose 17 books I thought I would get to. Everything I read I read intentionally, but trying to predict the books I'll read for the next three months can be a little tricky. I started out pretty well, and I did finish eleven from the list, with a possible twelfth still in the running - I'm listening to Do No Harm on my audio player. But some other books that weren't on my list came up, and I'm very glad they did. I'm not discouraged at not completing this challenge. I read far more than seventeen books, just not all the ones I planned out. I'm thinking the challenges might not be such a great idea for me. I don't really need encouragement to read, and it's difficult to plot a course when it comes to reading. I've received a few books from authors, I have one coming that I won through the GoodReads First Read program...those are going to have to take priority. So, my TBR pile just continues to grow. That's o.k.; it makes me happy to know I won't be running out of books to read any time soon!

One of the books I received is an ARC copy of Freezing Point by Karen Dionne. I will hopefully be getting to this one pretty soon. It really sounded intriguing. But, you can win a copy of this book, too. I got an e-mail from Karen today saying she's hosting a contest on her blog to give away five copies. The contest involves a little fun with photography, so if you're feeling creative, check it out!

Just a reminder to check back tomorrow. I'll be posting an interview with Ed Lynskey, the creator of the Frank Johnson series. Ed's The Blue Cheer is one of the books that distracted me from the Summer Reading Challenge, and I sure am glad it did!

Right now I have two anxious dogs waiting for me to take them out to play. So I wish you all Happy Reading and have a wonderful weekend!


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