Monday, July 7, 2008

June Recap

Wow! I was looking back over my books read for June, and it was a great month. I fit in 11 books:

  • One Drop of Blood(Thomas Holland)

  • The Blue Religion (various authors)

  • Shutter Island (Dennis Lehane)

  • Sliver of Truth (Lisa Unger)

  • The Lincoln Lawyer (Michael Connelly)

  • The Abstinence Teacher (Tom Berrotta)

  • Three Cups of Tea (Greg Mortensen/David Oliver Relin)

  • Compulsion (Jonathan Kellerman)

  • Dead Connection (Alafair Burke)

  • The Zookeeper's Wife (Diane Ackerman)

  • Killer Weekend (Ridley Pearson)

There were a handful of new authors in there for me. And I fit in TWO of my "owned before 2008 books" (Shutter Island and Dead Connection). I'm doing pretty well on my 2008 goal of reading at least one of those each month. Mrs. S over at the Blue Archipelago wanted to know which was everyone's favorite read of June. I couldn't pick just one. And July is already off to a fabulous start as well. I should finish up K.I.A. today, and I'm almost finished with The Blue Hour, and Dead Irish. All three of these have been great! My top 10 for 2008 is going to be harder than I initially thought a month or two ago - never mind that I haven't even gotten the four biggies I'm waiting for this year: Chasing Darkness, Envy the Night, Angel's Tip and Devil Bones. What was among your favorite reads of June?

I spoke to my sister last night. My sister lives in Southern California, and listen to what a great sister she is...she went to see Robert Crais for me last night - she's never read his work, she just went for me since he isn't going to be close enough for ME to go. My mother had flown out to see her last month, and I sent my L.A. Requiem and The Two Minute Rule, plus money for her to buy Chasing Darkness at the signing and then send everything back to me. I also sent her with a disposable camera, so hopefully she got some good pictures, but I didn't ask her about the pictures. Anyway, she told me, "you're gonna love what he wrote in your books, but I'll leave it a surprise for when you get them in the mail." That was not nice. Now I'm going to be dying for the books to get here. I'm so lucky to have such an awesome sister, aren't I?

Hope you have a great week. Be on the lookout, my next author Q & A should be coming up very soon. Happy Reading!!


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