Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Prize Weekend!

At the beginning of the month, I received an e-mail from Lisa Unger informing me that I won her contest and would be receiving her three novels in first-edition, hardcovers - plus they would all be inscribed to me. I was elated.

This weekend they arrived, and they are beauties!

As promised, each is personally inscribed to me, and she sent along a little note as well. I'm not a person who goes out looking for signed copies of books when I buy them. I get them signed when I meet an author - it makes the signed copy personally special more than anything. While I didn't get to meet Lisa, the books still have a personal significance to me due to the special inscriptions, which are all three different.

If you haven't read Lisa Unger, I highly recommend her. I'm in the middle of Sliver of Truth right now and have started loaning out my original copy of Beautiful Lies - I can do that now that I have this awesome new one! :) She is great with suspense, and her female protagonist is a great one!

My warning to you is this - if you're going to read Beautiful Lies, do it before you even pick up Sliver of Truth. If you read Sliver of Truth before Beautiful Lies, a good deal of the suspense will be ruined for you. Don't even read a book jacket or summary of Sliver of Truth. Both audio versions are also very good.

Happy Reading!!


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