Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Few This and That Book Tidbits

Today is National D.E.A.R. Day in honor of Beverly Cleary's birthday. I adored Beverly Cleary's books when I was young and she is one of my biggest early reading influences. So thankful for Ramona and Ralph and Gang. But, in honor of her birthday the National Drop Everything and Read Day is today, April 12th. It's a reminder for friends, family, everyone to come together and read for 30 minutes each day. It's so vital to do this with young kids. I never need an excuse to read, and that's because as a child reading was fun for me. If we make it fun for our kids then they grow up enjoying it as well. Read to them, let them read to you, and let them SEE YOU reading - reading books, magazines, the newspaper...whatever! We really put our kids at a disadvantage if we don't help them to learn to love reading. And don't think that's the school's job either. It starts far sooner than the kids start school. It has to happen at home! I'm spending this evening with my niece and nephew, and we are definitely going to be reading together!!! Hope you'll be reading, too.

Just a reminder that Harlan Coben's Hold Tight comes out this Tuesday (April 15th). If you didn't have a chance to see his promotional video for the book, it's below. Check it out. He also has a blog on his website now. He is such a fun person. You should check it out! This is what Library Journal had to say about it:

"A fast and exhilarating roller-coaster ride that you don't want to end, but hold on tight. Then take the time to hug your kids."—Library Journal (Starred Review)


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